Attention to all who may need an extra boost!

Often, when looking for a tutor, people limit their search to tutors available in their immediate neighbourhood.  If you have been searching for a tutor, you may have come across this issue: the best tutors don’t live near you, and the ones that do are too expensive.

Welcome to Teacher as a Tutor, your on-line tutoring solution! The advantage to using my services is you get first class reliable service with apparent results

My name is Jim Bell. I am a retired high school teacher from British Columbia, Canada with 45 years of teaching experience in the public school system and 25 years of tutoring experience.

I teach the following subjects from grade 7 all the way through to a university level:

  • English
  • English as a Second Language (ESL)
  • French
  • History
  • Social Studies
teacher as a tutor

Jim Bell is your teacher as a tutor!

Most tutors come to your home. Alternatively, you must meet in another location.  Often this results in missed appointments and scheduling issues.

Among other challenges, you often end up with a university student or a recent university graduate with no real teaching experience.  You may end up with a good tutor on your first try, but more often you will have to try several different tutors until you find the right fit.

The solution?

Hire a Teacher as a Tutor to do tutoring with you on-line!  I offer professional tutoring quality, at a much lower price.

Online tutoring gives you. . .

  • Access to qualified and experienced teachers regardless of your location
  • Flexible scheduling so you can work on your tutoring lessons when it is convenient for you
  • More written feedback for future reference so you aren’t left trying to remember what your tutor told you
  • Zero travel time
  • Zero wasted time

Okay, I’m interested….but how does it work?