Here’s how it works. 

  1. I assign a writing task (which can include creative or literary essays, vocabulary building tasks, book reports, chapter summaries, answers to questions, current event tasks), and instruct in detail what the task involves.
  2. You  have the opportunity to request clarification for the task via email before writing begins.
  3. You then write the task and submit it to me as a Word document following an agreed upon schedule.
  4. You can work at creating the assignment whenever the time allows, and don’t have to create it under pressure caused by having a teacher watching or the time constraints of a face to face lesson
  5. Once I receive the task, I then read the work 4 or 5 times and make notes on the print out.
  6. After having read the task carefully, I then proceed to create highly detailed corrections and suggestions (usually four or five pages) and write these up just as if I am talking to the student face to face.
  7. I email my corrections for you to study in detail and work on making improvements.

I can write my feedback at a time that is convenient for me such as very early in the morning or over my lunch time.

The win-win here is that you receive a much faster feedback turn around time than if you had to wait for an appointment that was convenient for both of us.   The online program provides better time on task and value for your money.

The key to your success in this online tutoring program lies in your motivation to learn from my corrections and to build your skills.

A high degree of motivation and maturity is needed if you are to receive maximum benefit, but I have found that 90% of my students increase their marks by 10-15%!

As part of the tutoring process, I require that you rewrite your tasks incorporating my feedback so that I can see that you are making progress.

While some students admittedly cannot handle the requirement for independence and need regular prodding with such a program, I have found these students are in the minority.

If, after starting the online program, you find that you are struggling, you could also arrange Skype lessons with me  for a more intensive tutoring session.

“In his final high school English course, Advanced Level English 12, Alan achieved 95%, and part of that success is attributable to Mr. Bell’s guidance. Mr. Bell is a conscientious tutor and offers his students the highest degree of assistance. I recommend his work to any student. Mr. Bell is a true professional, always on top of things!”
Kelly Lo

It is often only possible to hire a tutor for the one subject that they are an expert in. At up to $90/hr, having multiple tutors can get expensive quick!  Because I don’t have any travel expenses getting to and from your house, I can spend more time on your tutoring and charge you less for it.

I don’t charge the $90/hr some high priced tutors do.

I charge only $50/hr and all of my billed time is spent on task providing you exceptional value for you money.

To help get you started, I’d like to give you a risk-free tutoring experience with me.  For first time students of Teacher as a Tutor, I’m offering Writing Assessments for only $30.

Simply click the Order Now button below, complete the payment and you will be redirected to a page with instructions for a short writing assignment.

When you submit your assignment, I will mark it and provide feedback just as if you were one of my tutoring students.  If the feedback on your introductory written assignment is helpful to you, you will be given the option to sign up for a tutoring plan designed specifically to fit your unique needs.

There’s no obligation to continue. Think of it like a test drive for a tutor.

Don’t wait any longer. Click on the Order Now button and let’s get started!

Our 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you are unhappy after receiving your feedback on the written assignment, it is 100% risk free, so just send an email to within 30 days of the purchase and we will refund your $30, no questions asked.

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