Many of our clients write to tell us how happy they are with the results they have been able to achieve through our programs.

Here is what some of them have said:

“Over the past year, my son Alan Yuen has worked with Jim Bell in his online tutoring program.  Jim has guided Alan through both his senior English courses and through his university applications to top level and Ivy League universities. In his final high school English course, Advanced Level English 12, Alan achieved 95%, and part of that success is attributable to Mr. Bell’s guidance. Mr. Bell is a conscientious tutor and offers his students the highest degree of assistance. I recommend his work to any student.  Mr. Bell is a true professional, always on top of things”
Kelly Lo
“Thanks again for your writing lessons and your patience. I owe my success in school to many of your lessons. I never really liked my English classes, but you were my favorite teacher by far. I wish you an amazing year and many happy ones after!”
Kevin Su
“I had retaken my English provincial exam at the end of January and I just checked my results! I got 90% on my provincial exam! After taking the class mark you had given me during the summer, my final mark is 88! My parents and I are very satisfied with this final mark. Thank you so much for teaching me all the skills and knowledge I needed throughout the past 3 years. Looking back at my Grade 10 English provincial mark, I had only gotten 78% on the exam; that shows how much I’ve improved. Thank you again for the time and effort you have put into teaching me.”
Ovianna Tse
After several practice, with your corrections and comments, I’m now feeling that I’m already a better writer than I used to be two months ago. This was obviously displayed on this essay: various and more advanced vocabulary, faster completion speed, less mistakes, etc.(though I still don’t guarantee that I will not make any silly mistakes).

This topic only took me two evenings to finish, while the previous ones usually take more than three. I greatly appreciate your help!

Jim, Thanks for your help. Nick was able to incorporate many of your lessons as he wrote the exam”
Franca Varelas


“All the essays we wrote paid off. Thanks for your awesome teaching, Mr. Bell. I got 91% on the exam and I did not think I would get above 90%”


To save the best for the last, my writing teacher, Jim, is extremely helpful to my English compositions. I don’t think I can find another teacher that teaches so efficiently and thoroughly. Jim has a unique way of teaching; his “class” can be anytime, and I probably will never need to meet the teacher himself. To assign assignments and tasks, Jim sends an email to you about all the details and requirements about the task, and you can start writing. After you finish your task, you will then send the word doc back to him. In about one to two days, you will get an email with corrections attached. The moment you open the word doc, you’re already in class. The tone of his voice is just like any other teacher when speaking face-to-face. Except that this isn’t face-to-face. Jim is one of the best English teachers I’ve ever had.””